Are you thinking of using A Small Orange as your new web hosting provider for your new blog? Many bloggers and business owners prefer this platform as their web host, but that doesn’t mean that it is free from issues. Before committing to this new agency, make sure to read A Small Orange reviews in Malaysia first, to check if this is the most appropriate one for you.


-Full SSD web hosting
-Integration with the Weebly platform
Cloud VPS plans are offered
-Brilliant control panel
-Daily backups


-Doesn’t offer managed WordPress hosting
-Poor Load Impact performance
-Doesn’t provide SSL certificates
-Poor privacy policy
-No phone support



At first, A Small Orange appears costlier compared to other web hosts in the market. Unlike Bluehost, its sibling, this provider shows the correct price at the checkout page. This is the price you need to pay all throughout. Sadly, this puts A Small Orange at an obvious disadvantage.

Website Builder.

With the help of A Small Orange’s website builder, you can install any type of platform without any problem. If you want to use Weebly’s drag-and drop website builder, you can just work on Weebly itself. Each hosting plan comes with a Weebly free version access.

3.Ease of Use.

There is no doubt that A Small Orange is very easy to use. The layout is clean, the colors of the interface are bright, and if you need something, you can easily get it.


A Small Orange’s cpanel can be used anytime you want. You can do by clicking the login option at the website hosting management overview.

5.Uptime and Speed.

For beginners, website speed is a complicated idea. Thus, when looking for a web host, it’s crucial to reduce the variables, and check the speed. A Small Orange provides a decent uptime and speed–a big help to both experienced and beginner website owners.