Anyone who is thinking about creating a website should know that getting a hosting company is definitely a part of their plan of creating their own page. You see, even if you have a beautifully designed website, if you do not have a hosting solution at the ready, people will be unable to look at the website that you’ve created, mainly because it will not be visible online.

Your website would need to be hosted on a server which hosting companies are able to provide. That being said, the web hosting industry is a highly-competitive one due to the fact that a lot of people want to create their own website now.

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Speed and Capacity

So, you might find that there are some companies that have bandwidth restrictions and there are also those that provide you with unlimited bandwidth. Do not be fooled by the latter!

You see, since most of the people actually just get shared web hosting plans, that means that there will be a lot of websites that are using a single server computer. If they were to provide unlimited bandwidth to a certain website and it just so happens to take full advantage of it all the time, then the other users on the server will suffer.

That is why even if they do offer you unlimited bandwidth in terms of usage, your download speed might be severely limited to account for the unlimited access. This is still a no-go since your performance may degrade to a point that doesn’t give a good user experience.

If you are adamant in getting unlimited plans, then you may want to read the fine print first to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting.

Server Reliability

When looking for a hosting company, you shouldn’t rely on the server reliability statistics that are posted on the company’s webpage as it may be filled with false information.

Instead, you want to look at the different user reviews from people who have actually used the service before (and to those who are still currently using them).
Server reliability is important because you want your website to be online as much as possible and you do not want to experience server downtimes.


Now, there are some companies that will try to attract you by saying that you get a huge discount if you subscribe to their service for at least a year. Do not do this, at least, not yet.

You must try the service for about a month or two and if you are satisfied, then and only then should you consider getting the annual plan.

How Many Clients Per Server?

The most popular type of hosting plan today is shared web hosting. It is the cheapest and is rife with features that most people would need. That being said, the nature of the plan is that your website will be placed on a server along with other websites.

You have to know how many websites per server these companies will put on each individual server. To get the best performance, aim to get a hosting company that only puts a maximum of 100 websites in a single server.