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Roulette Strategy

The Most Basic Things You Should Know About Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games you can play in real live casino or through online such as the online gambling malaysia. This is most especially enjoyed by beginners. If there is an annoying thing about this game, it’s math’s involvement. Also, just like all casino games, roulette has a house edge. The higher the house edge is, the worse the casino game.

But, what makes roulette different? It has advantages what make up for the casino’s big edge. The roulette game proceeds gradually, so you won’t be required to put in that much money every hour (assuming you’re not playing at an online casino, of course).

Roulette is a chance-based game, with no required skills. You don’t even need to have a strategy in order to succeed. In this game, the casino has an undefeatable mathematical edge.

Every spin is done in random, and the results won’t begin to resemble theoretical results until you reach a big number of events.

Moreover, there is nothing you can do to impact the mathematical edge in any way. It doesn’t matter which kinds of bets you place, and their sizes. The previous spins wouldn’t matter.

The flow of your play depends on your overall temperament, and the game you should play depends on all the rules.

Are you willing to experience small losing sessions, in exchange for some occasional huge wins? Or, would you prefer to just place a flat bet, lose gradually, and win a few amounts over time? Some people love utilizing a maximum boldness approach, and putting only one bet, though that’s quite unusual.

Choose your game. The standard American roulette is not the only game available, most especially if you want to play online. This roulette variation has a casino advantage of 5.26%, so you can lose money more compared to that of the American wheel.

If you are planning to use a betting system, it will be more effective when you are playing a game with a lower house edge.


Roulette is not the game for you if you want to gain an advantage. However, it rewards strategic approaches. In that approach, the very first step is to identify your goals, and what type of gambling would be the most exciting and fun for you. You should also decide on the value it brings to you. If you are losing more and more money, then maybe it’s time to switch games, and change the sizes of your bets.