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Mobile Apps 101: Animated Transitions


They Give Life To Mobile Apps


Animation is a huge part of user experience. If you are in charge of your own mobile app development process, there are plenty of things you need to know about animation. How can you take advantage of this compelling aspect? How can it improve the communication process between you and the customer? Below are some common cases when functional animated features can support interactions, and complement the entire visual design.



Animation Minimizes Cognitive Load


What is cognitive load? It is the amount of mental effort needed to utilize a product. It has a direct impact on how users can easily interact with your mobile app. The more effort needed, the less pleasant and desirable it becomes.


Animation Allows Users To Understand Functional Changes


Functional changes happen when app elements change their functions right after interaction. Animation should be able to help people understand the state of the element.


Animation Provide System Status


When people encourage some actions, they expect immediate visual responses. Your system must make it clear that it gets requests, and is currently working on it.


Animation Connects Various Steps In A Multi-Step Process


At times, people need to accomplish some steps to accomplish actions. It must be clear that these steps are all connected to one another. Animation can help you manage these steps, and create an amazing journey.


Animation Gives Users A Sense Of Spatial Orientation


Animation can help users establish better mental models with regards to spatial information. This is very important for mobile users. Since smartphones and mobile devices have small screen sizes and attention spans, people can easily get confused and frustrated.



Animated features are powerful elements, when utilized in beneficial, sophisticated ways. It can solve various functional issues within interfaces. Do you want your app to appear more alive, and responsive? Then, animation is the way to go.