One of the most popular games played in live casinos and in online gambling sites is Blackjack. That is because it is one of the casino games that has the lowest house advantage ever where you can get to as low as 0.62% house edge.

That being said, Blackjack is quite a popular game because aside from the possibility of having the lowest house edge among the other games, there are also different strategies that you can employ that will increase your odds of winning.

So in today’s article, I will talk about the different blackjack strategies that you should know.

Choose a Game that Has Fewer Decks

Card counting is one of the tried and tested strategies that players use in Blackjack to gain the upper hand. It is where the player uses Math to anticipate the next set of cards that will be dealt by the dealer, thus allowing you to devise your strategy accordingly.

Now, some casinos have already banned card counting but it is by no means illegal, which means that if you use card counting without getting caught, you will not be jailed for it.

Generally, you want to choose a game of blackjack that uses fewer decks. That is because the more decks that are used, it would be much harder for you to use the strategy.

Choose a Game that Has the Bigger Payout

Obviously, you want to win as much money as possible when playing casino games. With that being said, you want to choose a table that has the bigger payout, not because you want to win big, but it is because it has the lower house edge.

Learn When to Surrender

Just like in life, you have to learn how to surrender in the game. The surrender option can actually be used to your advantage and when you play things right, you can lower the house edge by up to 0.1%.

Keep in mind that when you surrender, you are only going to lose 50% of your original bet, which makes it an appealing option for people that want to stay longer in the casino.

Play American Blackjack

There are actually versions of the game. One is the American Blackjack and the European blackjack.

One of the major differences between the two versions is that in the American version, the dealer will receive the second card immediately and it is in face-down position. The dealer can also peek at the card, provided that there is a possibility of a blackjack. This card is known as the hole card.

Without the hole card, the house edge will increase by 0.11% simply because the player may either split or double before they see that they’re going against a blackjack.

Be Careful with the Soft 17

If you are playing the European version of the game, the dealer will always be forced to hit what is known as a Soft 17. This is essentially a hand that contains a value of cards that totals 7 or 17 along with an ace card.

This is bad news for players as it can increase the house edge by up to 0.2%. Despite the fact that you cannot go against this, you can still learn from it. You can stand on a hard 17 to win against the dealer, but keep in mind that the dealer’s chance of winning is more favorable to them than to you.