1.Your baby’s first steps are a big deal.

Do you love shopping for baby carriers and jogging strollers in Malaysia? Well, shopping for these items is fun, but you wouldn’t be able to use them for a long time. Babies grow up fast. Soon, your baby will take her first few steps. Expect her to take her first crucial steps in around 9 to 15 months.

2.Stopping is hard.

Once your kid starts walking, the next challenging thing you should do is to help her stop. Each step has even more force compared to an adult’s since babies don’t bend their knees. They don’t know yet how to break the forward momentum. A challenge, but an ultimate baby milestone.

3.Going barefoot is better.

Your baby will learn how to walk easily if she don’t wear slippers or shoes. If you are going to the mall or an out of town trip, that’s when you get a baby shoes for her, of course. Find a beautiful pair with flexible soles.

4.Walking will change your child’s routine.

Since your baby can now move on her own, she can already explore her surroundings by walking around. It opens new possibilities. This can also change your routine, in terms of keeping your little one entertained and safe.

5.There is nothing you can do to speed up your baby’s learn-how-to-walk process.

If your baby is already 16 months old, and still hasn’t walked, then feel free to consult the pediatrician about this. Don’t stress about it. Maybe she just needs a bit extra motivation. Jumpers, stationary activity centers and push toys wouldn’t help your kid walk sooner.