A Glimpse of the Top Web Design Trends in 2018 So Far

2018 is going to be a great year when it comes to web design and website design firm. We are basically capitalizing some features that were introduced last year, so in this article, we are taking a glimpse on some of the top web design trends in 2018 so far.

1. Overall Usability

Usability and responsiveness are things that are always going to be “in” when it comes to web design. You want to create a web page that is not only looking great, but you also have to keep in mind the overall usability as well.

For example, a WordPress website makes use of different plugins and themes and you can implement a number of them as you please. Some of them are quite useful both for you and your customers. But do not go overboard because some plugins can affect the loading speed of your site.

So, as much as possible, make sure to only implement a handful of useful plugins and always keep general usability in mind at all times.

2. Push for Minimalism

Professional and business websites back in the day always incorporate plenty of graphs, user statistics, and other data prominently placed on their homepage. It might seem that it is useful, but it is not something that a lot of people want.

You see, some of us just want a minimalistic design where we can find whatever it is that we want in just a matter of seconds.

Putting as much of those clutter on one page can severely hamper productivity, so there is a massive push for minimalism.

Instead of putting it all on one page, you can have them separated using a hamburger menu or something.

3. Impressive Color Stylings

You’re probably aware that some sites use a white background with just some color accents on the side. That has become pretty common in the past years, but artists want to take a creative stand to change that.

Instead of using the normal white background, designers are now using different colors to improve the aesthetics and the personality of a website.

It has to suit the overall tone of your page – so if it is a business website, use punchy colors just to be creative, but also make sure that it is not over the top that businessmen would shy away from it.

4. Art Has Its Place

With the advent of fast Internet connections, we now see more and more animations being put on websites. It makes the place so lively and colorful and the only thing that is holding back the designers is their imagination.

You can use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), short video animations, and you can even use “memes” that have been on the rise as of late.


There are plenty of exciting web design trends in 2018 so far. The use of animations and punchy colors without compromising on the overall usability of the website is being predominantly practiced now. So, be sure to implement such changes on your site as well.