8 Ways to Get More Conversions Today

While generating more traffic to your ecommerce solution provider website is always a good thing, how can you do things differently in a way that boosts your conversion rates?
Today, I am going to talk about some really handy tips that will help you do just that, so be sure to stick around until the end of the article.

Writer a Clear ‘Call to Action’

It is without a doubt that call to action buttons are necessary on any e-commerce website as this will tell people what to do next.
However, there are poor CTA implementations that make it so that they do not generate a lot of conversions.

That being said, what you can do is make sure that you write a much clearer call to action. By this, I mean that you tell your prospects what they can expect when they click that button.

Move Your Form Below

Now, there’s some advice that you need to put your forms above the fold so that people will notice it immediately when they land on your page. However, this will not bode well for you simply because it annoys a lot of people.

There was this study done to see if the results of having the form on top and at the bottom of the page would yield different results and, in fact, it does.

When the forms are placed at the bottom of the page, there was a 304% improvement in conversion rates! Therefore, you may want to put all of your forms at the bottom of the page from now on.

Make Your Heading Straightforward

When creating a headline, it is important that you make it straight to the point and make it as clear as possible. Instead of something vague like “join us and experience unparalleled growth”, use something like “join now and you will have a 70% increase in profits by the end of x month”.

Include Some Social Proof

People want to spend their money on things that provide great value to them. That being said, add some social proof to gain some credibility.

In fact, 70% of consumers would first look at product reviews and testimonials before purchasing. So think about that.

Put a Video on Your Landing Page

According to Statista, we should expect that the vast majority of content come 2021 would be all about videos.
Therefore, you want to add a video on the landing page of your website but it has to be relevant to the product or service that you are offering.

Use GIFs

If you do not have the resources to create video content, then you may want to try GIFs instead. Think about them as mini-videos that play automatically when a user sees them. This will provide a good solution for you to gain more conversions.

Put an Exit Offer

When people are trying to leave your page, try to stop them by giving them an offer that they cannot refuse.
Most people do not want to miss out on a golden opportunity, so give them discounts or freebies when they sign up or buy from you.

Use a Chatbot

You want to provide continuous service to your customers which is why implementing and installing a chatbot may be necessary. This will give your customers 24/7 access to your support team so that you can address critical issues and, in turn, it will make your customers happier.

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