There are certain page elements that should always be featured on ecommerce website design. Today, I am going to highlight them.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Google has already declared that its search engine’s algorithm is changed to favor websites that are mobile-friendly.
Using responsive web design can surely help with this one and if you want to know if your website caters to the mobile crowd, you can use Google’s own tool to do that.

Ease of Use

According to a survey by Statista, 76% of consumers actually want to go and buy from a website that has ease of use in mind.
Under the umbrella of ease of use, you want your online shoppers to be able to navigate your website with ease. They do not have to think about where to go because you’ve employed measures to guide them along the way.
By giving your users a good experience while they’re on your site, you will invariably increase the number of customers that you’re going to get in the future.

High-Res Photos and Videos

Back in the day, many online shops only provide sample pictures of the products only on one angle. Since they will not be able to inspect it similar to going to a physical store, you have to be the one to give them pictures of the product on all angles.
Or better yet, you can use videos instead as it provides them with a much better view of the product.

Special Offers

By giving your shoppers a sense of urgency to buy, you’re going to increase your sales. You can do this by giving special timed offers that would prompt the user to get discounts only if they were able to get hold of the offer at the specified time.
This not only improves your sales but it also improves your website’s SEO as well; seeing that a lot of people go to your site and stay there until they make the purchase.

Improved Security

Because of the fact that people can spend money in online stores, this can become a prime avenue for cybercriminals to get your customers’ credentials.
As the owner of the website, it is your responsibility to bolster your site’s defenses by employing an SSL certificate which will give you a more secure website. Perhaps adding an additional firewall and asking for two-factor authentication may improve security as well.

More Payment Options

By providing your customers with a lot of advanced payment options, you give them a reason to go back to your online shop since they can use different avenues to pay you.

Return Policy

If you offer your customers with a hassle-free and no-frills return policy, they will most likely buy from you and not from others.

Complete Contact Page

How are your customers going to contact you? You must provide them with a working number, your email address, or better yet, a live chat support page that allows you to take their queries and problems in real-time.