3 Simple Mistakes That Could End Your E-Commerce Services Company

Simple and easy problems that are commonly done by the e-commerce business website is one of the factors the lead their customer to divert their attention other competitors’ website that resulted them to lost high amount of valuable upselling opportunities. Even the problem seems to be simple and small, but it could influence on the customers’ attraction to your website and will affect the market sales.

Here are among the simple problems that even well-established e-commerce services company are making:

  1. Slow Customer Service

Having slow or delayed customer service is one of the factors that lowering the user’s interest on the website. This problem is usually happened to high number of website even to a very well-known website. When the customer are searching for customer service on the website, it means that they are interest on specific product and would like to get on the details of the product.

However, with the slow and delayed response from the customer service it could reduce the customers’ interest slowly and eventually it could change their decision in purchasing the product on your website. This problem would be huge lose to your e-commerce business as you have lost a customer in purchasing your product and the possibility of your customer purchasing the product from your competitor’s website is high.

  1. Options on Upselling Delivery

One thing that people are looking for on e-commerce business is the services provided specifically on the service of delivering. Besides, the effectiveness and the speed of delivery service from your e-commerce business is what makes your website to be different compared to other website.

Most of the times, the website would provide free shipping for their customer and that really excites their customer and encourage them to purchase on the product. However, due to lack of options and problematic upselling delivery, it will cut off the customer intention in buying the product at that instant. For example, the delivery is completely free shipping but it will take too much time like weeks or even sometimes up to months and most of the time, the e-commerce will not provide any specific details on the tracking.

  1. Lack relevancy on Email Marketing

In the world on e-commerce, the alternative on practicing the email marketing is good as it is one of the way in maintaining the relationship with the customer regarding the product or service that offered by your website. Besides, the purpose of email marketing is not simply in maintain with the customers’ relationship but also make customer feel appreciated as the e-commerce website is giving detail on the promotion or even upcoming sales.

However, the relevancy of sending email marketing to the customer seems be lacking once the content of the email is not related to customers’ interest at all. For example, the customers’ personal preference is on women apparel yet the customer keep receiving email on the men or even kids apparel. By that, the customer would feel annoyed and eventually simply mark the email as a spam. In targeting a better customer through email marketing, what need to done is, the e-commerce business should segment on the email specifically on the email marketing that the customers are receiving to be complement with their personal preferences.

By avoiding in making such simple problem by the e-commerce business, it could increase the customers’ attention to your website and it will positively impact your market sales.